Event? Festival? Conference? Trade fair? Road show? Opening? You name it. Tell us your wildest dreams. And Roca Productions will take care of the technology. From start to finish. From preliminary design to realization and dismantling. Whether it’s lights, video, rigging, the stage, the power supply or a combination of the above – we’re happy to take it off your hands. Or maybe you haven’t got enough to do? Exactly. So choose for quality and experience. Trust in a network of professionals. Let’s join forces.



“This whole notion of making life easier seemed a bit vague to me. Everybody was doing it. My life is easy enough; I’m just always incredibly busy. After I hired Roca Productions I was still incredibly busy. But with my own work, not with the work of others. So if making life easier means being able to focus on your real job, then I’m all for it.”

“It is of course vital that the technology behind an event functions. So working with serious professionals is very pleasant. On the other hand: there’s nothing wrong with having a laugh while you’re on the job. Look at Roca Productions. No, they don’t constantly crack jokes. But they do spend their long hours in a relaxed and open atmosphere.”